Wow, yeah so its been a while.  Since this blog is basically my cognitive way of trepanation, ridding myself of mind demons, its nice to be back.  I finished my Masters program so now I have more letters after my name.  This also means that a person with a severe mental illness can do whatever the fuck he or she puts their mind too.

Im still on seroquel and lamictal but I’ve bumped the lamictal up from 100mg to 300mg.  Im beginning to think that my body notices the difference and overcompensates by being more manic.  I have not spoken with my psychiatrist about this as this has been my first increase in the meds.

Life stressors are down but not anywhere being gone.  Stressors are usually a trigger for those of us with bipolar disorder.  This is also the case for “neurotypicals” (yeah you get a label too) but we tend to spiral uncontrollably unless medication and coping skills are on point.    Thats it for now, I’ve gotta go see a client and make suggestions on how they should live their life. Totally kidding…..kind of.