Bipolar disorder has effected me as a person in so many ways that it has shaped who I am as a person. It effects how I make decisions, how I perceive situations, and how I view life itself. My entire life has been effected by an inability to fall asleep, a terrible insomnia. This single symptom of bipolar disorder has had a huge impact on how functional I am in a day. This lack of sleep can make me more likely to be emotional, impulsive, irritated, manic, or depressed.

Bipolar disorder has effected me as a person because I have made many decisions whether small or large based on impulsivity and a desire for something wonderful or seemingly fulfilling. There are not many things I would take back in life because I have lived a fun life and have so many stories to tell about my life’s adventures. I have made many decisions because they seem fun and like a lot of work and I am a person who can put in the time and effort to achieve my goals. I tend to do whatever it takes to reach my goals. I have an extremely persevering attitude and this is due to many factors such as how I was raised, genetics, and also in part due to my bipolar disorder.

I have had many impulsive moments in my life and many of those things turned out well, but there have been some disasters. Regardless I have learned from every decision in my life and it is my optimistic viewpoint on life that keeps me satisfied with living this way. Even though I have learned from mistakes, I haven’t always been successful in not repeating some of them. Its sort of a risk vs reward type thing, I am okay with taking risks in order to have a reward. For instance I am willing to struggle financially for a decade if it means attaining my master’s degree. I am willing to take risks in starting a business if it may mean that I get to reach more clients and change more lives. I have a new saying of “taking calculated risks” and this serves me much more than my purely impulsive nature when I was younger.

When I read the question “how does Bipolar disorder effect you as a person” my first thought was “Every way I can think of”. but then again I have been in a manic episode for a few months now.